Hosted at your location or via Video Conferencing, this workshop is designed outline your plan to shape your personal brand image and define your growth strategy for your business.

“Norm has such a unique blend of creativity, strategy & technical know-how. He has really enlightened me on what I needed to put in place in order to grow my brand and my sales rep company in a cost effective way.”

What you will learn from this workshop: 

  • A new business program that is easier and more consistent to maintain
  • Quick steps to build online awareness for your Consulting Firm
  • Best practices to greatly enlarge your online influence through content marketing, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn & Google+
  • Increase new business opportunities without pitching
  • How to build and quickly dominate search rankings to be found by your best prospects
  • Specific calls-to-action that will convert readers and followers into leads
  • Time management tips that provide the best return on your time investment
  • Establish better new business measurements to improve your program

How to start...

e-mail me or call my office at Tel: (412) 212-7071 to book your 1-on-1 workshop.

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You can contact me via e-mail or phone: 412-212-7071

Norman is a Strategic Marketing Consultant – Equipping Consultants To Get New Business & Position Them As Experts In Their Industry.

He has over 20 years experience in advertising & marketing... A creative tech geek at heart, he has focused most of his attention on educating and assisting his clients in reshaping how they engage and embrace their audience in the new era of Content Creation & Digital Marketing.