Professional Website Review

Is your website your best marketing tool?

As a Coach or Consultant, you know that
your website needs to be your best marketing tool.

Ask yourself this question – is it?

Website Review

Is your current website helping you get New Business or is it stopping you from getting New Business?

Does your website;Review Rating Scale

  • Get you enough of the right site traffic?
  • Capture contact information?
  • Allow you to share valuable content to attract new clients?
  • Keep your audience engaged with your site content?
  • Offer content or services for purchase?

These are just a few questions that you have to consider if you want your site do work for you and get you the results you want for your consulting business.

Order your Private & Professional Web Site Design Review Video today – Only $149

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A personalized 15+ minute custom screencast video of me reviewing your web site
  • My professional recommendation on your site’s design & functionality
  • Suggestions on how to capture leads and contacts with your website
  • Identification of the top obstacles that are slowing your sales
  • My recommendations on ways to fix the problems identified
  • Layout design improvements ideas
  • Navigation improvements recommendations
  • A private Video Link where you can watch the video online instantly
  • Access to a downloadable copy of the video to share with others

What Others Are Saying…

Thanks for the great feedback on my website. What you said makes a lot of sense and I would like to get the changes done right away. ~Bob

Norm, I was very happy with the review you sent to us. I always wanted to know how we could capture client information from site visitors and turn them in to prospects. Thanks! ~ John

This video was a real eyeopener for me, thanks for being so thorough. I wanted to see if you could help me implement some of the changes you have recommended and coach us on how to create response driven content… I will call to schedule a meeting.  Thanks again. ~ Keith

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