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As a Coach or Consultant, you know that the value you bring to your clients is extremely important in helping them grow their business.

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Consultants are an integral part of our economy and the dynamics of just-in-time training and expertise. I enjoy sharing creative business and marketing advice Consultants to help position them as experts and make an impact on their growth objectives.

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Since 1995, I’ve been creating marketing strategies, shaping brand messaging and leveraging digital and online technology to help my clients grow their businesses and brands.

I share advice daily through my personal networks on Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest. I’ve also created and given away tutorial and tactical information through SlideShare presentations, blog posts and YouTube videos. But, even with all of the free advice, I still had many requests to set up a time to pick my brain.”

It is encouraging to see so many Consultants and Consulting firms seeking advice. It shows that they have a real desire to grow their business and value outside experienced council in their quest to become the expert in their niche.

For those in need of help beyond the FREE stuff, I have created “Pick My Brain” as an addition to my consulting services. 

  • How it works: We create an agenda and set-up a time for you to discuss your challenges. I provide my knowledge and experience to answer your questions and offer my assessment and advice for a fee of $200 for a one hour session.
  • To get the ball rolling: Simply click on the Order a 1 Hours Session purchase button. I will follow up, usually within a day, to set a day/time and agenda for a phone or video conference. That’s it!

I’m looking forward to talking with you and helping you with your challenge. ~Norm

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You can contact me via e-mail or phone: 412-212-7071