How Do Consultants Get New Business?

As you know, New Business is the life blood for any Consulting firm.

So How Do Consultants Get New Business?

New BizAs you know, New Business is the life blood for any Consulting firm. The hard cold reality is that everyday you go to work, you are one day closer to losing your largest client.

The truth of the matter is, is that a lot of consultants work off of the “feast and famine” approach to their business. They land a few great clients and then dig in their heels to make sure they do a great job for their client, but once the project / assignment is completed, they find themselves scrambling to get New Business. This is nothing to be ashamed of, we have all done it at one point or another.

To be a successful consultant or consulting firm, you need to have an ongoing New Business Strategy that is;

  • Realistic: Obtainable new business goals that can be achieved while you are still working with your existing clients is a must. A slow, steady and methodical approach always wins in the long run so don’t make your goals unrealistic.
  • Workable: You need an action plan that can fit in to your day-to-day work flow and won’t be so demanding that your New Business efforts interfere with your existing work-load. You need to keep the current clients happy and billable 🙂
  • Consistent: Your New Business action plan needs to be set up so you can implement it consistently everyday, without fail! Your action plan needs to be working for you year round not in short bursts of panic.
  • Fruitful: Make sure you measure your New Business Strategy to quantify and qualify your results. Refine as you go, however, be careful you don’t keep shifting gears and directions. Make small refinements only as needed. Let “Time” work her magic.
  • Scalable: As you get New Business and grow your company, make sure your New Business Strategy grows along with you. At some point in time as you start reaping the benefits of what you have sown, you may want to hire a part time or even full time person to take on the responsibilities… don’t jump the gun. Try to keep your finger on the pulse of your new business action plan by leading the charge. You don’t know what you will get when you hire someone new. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t… just be methodical in your decision to do so and in the process in which it gets done.

If you haven’t done so yet, put your New Business Plan in place as soon as you can. Everyday you procrastinate is full of waisted opportunity and a day you will never get back. Good marketing is NEVER about a one time “WIN”,  it’s an exponential process that builds on it’s-self over time.

My Formula that I share with my clients is this;

Focus + Consistency x Time = Success

Focus your efforts on a niche, Consistently and let Time work her magic for Success!

If you would like to discuss your New Business Strategy, give me a call or email me to set up a time.

Norman is a Strategic Marketing Consultant – Equipping Consultants To Get New Business & Position Them As Experts In Their Industry.

He has over 20 years experience in advertising & marketing... A creative tech geek at heart, he has focused most of his attention on educating and assisting his clients in reshaping how they engage and embrace their audience in the new era of Content Creation & Digital Marketing.

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Bob Fletcher

Powerful in it’s simplicity. It is funny how easily we lose sight of the of the things we know we should be doing.

David's Cleaning Services, DBA

Believe or not ! my business has started growing in the last two weeks. I have gone from one client a week to five s week with prayer first.

Norman Wright Jr.

PTL David! No doubt… Love hearing that!