Consultants, How Do You Get Inspired?

Consultants need to keep their creative edge in order to cut through all the competitive clutter.

Here is a simple process to help you keep inspired.


As with most people who are expected to be creative and innovative, you, as a Consultant, feel the pain & strain. You face a lot of unique challenges in your day-to-day work lives and are always searching for inspiration.

As the CEO for an advertising & marketing firm, I am expected to be creative ALL THE TIME. Rightfully so… that’s what my clients hire me for. There is not much room for downtime in this industry.

I have to admit, it can get exhausting and at times all “Creatives” struggle with creative blocks. We are always looking for inspiration. I believe that the more talented “Creatives Consultants” have developed their own personal process that they turn to when they need a little inspirational kick in the pants.

If you don’t have your own process, here are a few things to consider to keep your creative juices flowing;

  1. Study up: Get all the “need-to-know” info about your projects and review it in detail.
  2. File It Away: Put all the project information away in a “To-Do” area and walk away from it. Let your subconscious start working on it for a little while.
  3. Go Left Brain: Spend some time doing left brain activities i.e.; listening to music, playing an instrument, painting, drawing, reading, creative writing, etc.
  4. Other Industries: Get on your computer and search for other industries that have nothing in common with yours. See what type of message they are developing for their products & services. Spend some time on YouTube watching non-business related videos that are interesting and fun. Try to have fun coming up with ways as to how the information in the video could be applied to your product or service.
  5. Re-Engage: After you have spent some time away from your project and have gotten in to a creative mood, get out your project and tackle it with purpose and passion.

A very important key to creativity is to be relaxed and have fun!!! ;-)



Norman is a Strategic Marketing Consultant – Equipping Consultants To Get New Business & Position Them As Experts In Their Industry.

He has over 20 years experience in advertising & marketing... A creative tech geek at heart, he has focused most of his attention on educating and assisting his clients in reshaping how they engage and embrace their audience in the new era of Content Creation & Digital Marketing.

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