Consultant Marketing: 100 Ways To Get New Business

As the saying goes, “New business is the life blood of every company”… and a Consulting Firm is no different.

Here is a list I put together of the

Top 100 Ways To Get New Business.

~ Enjoy ~

Top 100 Ways To Get New Business

New business is the life blood of a Consultant. Sometimes you need to have a fresh perspective… new ideas to help get your creative marketing juices flowing. Here is a list that I set up to hopefully get your “marketing mind moving” in the right direction to help y0u engage your audience and get more business.

(This list is in no particular order)

3 Blessings That Grow A Family Business

Family LoveWe often hear how tough it can be to run a family business. And yes… it can be a challenge to keep everyone focused and marching to the same drum beat. But, what I love most about family business is the “family” part.

There is nothing more rewarding than to work with family and friends.

Obviously we are in business to make a living and grow a profitable business, however, if we are not careful, we can often get caught up with all of the business pressures and let these challenges affect the way we interact with our family business team. We need to make sure we keep in mind that we have a “FAMILY” business and maintaining our relationships and strong family bonds are much more important. After all, we are doing what we do for our family.

Family Business Leadership: 9 Ways You’re Effectively Destroying Your Startup

Fast Company

In a lot of cases we need to reflect back on when we were just a small start up family business to do a gut check and get back to the basics when it comes to running a family business.

This is a quick and poignant little reminder on some of the basic “block and tackling” aspects that we should evaluate as the leaders of a family owned business.

Database Marketing Tips for Family Business Owners

A Few Database Marketing Tips For Family Business Owners

Direct Mail, E-Mail & Social Networks – Database marketing can be more powerful now then ever.

Direct Marketing for Plastic SurgeonsNot only can you send valuable information and special offers via traditional mailers, you can use a well structured database to conduct E-Mail campaigns and integrate your Social Media leads automatically. I know this may sound like old news to some, but you would be surprised as to how many companies don’t take full advantage of a well orchestrated direct marketing strategy.

Family Business Owners – Don’t Let Your Struggle Become Your Identity

Family Business Owners – Don’t Let Your Struggle Become Your Identity

As with most small business owners, an owner or leader of a family business faces seemingly countless struggles on a daily basis. This is normal and is expected – if it were easy, everyone would be doing it –right?Plastic Surgery Marketing: Don't Let Your Struggle

However, you can’t let your struggle become your identity. Some family owned businesses focus so much on their struggles and in a lot of cases vent to their customers and prospects about them. This isn’t a good thing. Over time, your customers and prospects will start associating your struggle as part of your brand… a brand attribute… and you DON’T want that to happen.

You want to separate the business struggles you face from your brand as much as possible. Your customers should only experience what you WANT them to experience at each and every touch-point with your company. Remember, your Brand is created strategically and methodically… not by what you are feeling at that moment or by the circumstantial struggles you are facing.