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As a Coach or Consultant, you need to control your own growth and reputation. You need to put a process in place that enables you to have a consistent and effective way to generate new business.  That’s where I come in.

As the saying goes;

Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.

Hi, welcome to my site – my name is Norman Wright Jr and I am a Strategic Marketing Coach & Consultant. I work with Coaches & Consultants to effectively train them on how to engage with their audience, position themselves as “The Expert” for their industry and get new business.

I believe in this modern age of technology, every consultant can and should become their own advertising and marketing communications company – and in fact, it’s now a must!

I focus on a process that I call “Engage” – The 3 Pillars of Modern Marketing

  1. How to Cultivate Your Audience & Develop Your Brand 
  2. How Shape a Results Focused Message that Resonates with Your Audience
  3. How To Leverage Communication Technologies to Engage Your Audience

My goal is to add great value to you as you grow your personal brand as a Consultant as well as provide you with insights to strategically capture your niche market.


Over the past 20 years, I have gained experience in just about every aspect of branding, advertising, marketing and digital communications, which enables me to be of great value to my clients, from video/audio production and graphic design to digital and social marketing strategies and everything in between.

I am a very intuitive listener and strive to have a deep understanding of communication and how it impacts human behavior. I am a perpetual student of life and I am always reading books and blogs, watching videos or listening to podcasts.

My goal is to make sure that I always know what CAN be done so that I can develop creative strategies to help you achieve what HAS to be done… Grow your business!

In my free time, (which is very limited) I love spending time with my wife, kids and granddaughter, going to church, and relaxing with our friends & family.

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Business and Marketing Coaching

Hire me as a personal coach:

I love one-on-one coaching, but I have limited time available for it. Therefore, I am very selective. I also charge high fees for personalized coaching. But if you think you could benefit from one-on-one interaction with me, email me and we can discuss your unique challenges.

Business and Marketing Workshop

Book me for a workshop:

I conduct various 1-on-1 workshops designed to give you the knowledge and tools you need to take control of your Business Development process in order to build a consistent Action Plan to get New Clients. In addition, I also conduct a Branding Workshop to help you Refine Your Audience & Shape Your Message to Engage Your Audience. Learn More…

Norman Wright Jr - Speaker

Book me as a speaker:

Are you looking for a speaker for your next event? I have a variety of topics that I speak on to educate, inspire and engage your audience. Learn More…

Pick My Brain

Pick my brain: 

Are you looking for answers to important questions about how to get New Clients, Identifying Your Audience, How To Create An Effective Marketing Strategy? Or maybe you have a more technical question about how to use Social Marketing Tools or other Cloud Based Applications?

Whatever you’re struggling with related to getting New Business I can help.  Learn More…

Website Video Review

Professional Website Review: 

Professional Website Review on Video so you can get the most out of your existing website.

As a Coach or Consultant, You need to make sure your website not only draws the right audience but also is strategically designed to get new prospects and clients. This Professional Website Video Review will show you what you need to do right now to get your website working for you.  Learn More…

Top 3 Challenges For Coaches and Consultants

Getting New Clients 96%
Building Brand Recognition 88%
Achiving Work / Life Balance 82%

Hey, Interested in getting New Clients?

Get New Clients, Establish A Strong Brand & Go from Business Leader to Industry Celebrity.

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