A Few Reasons Why Business Coaches Fail

Coaching Steps

There are many reasons why a person might fail as a coach and we really don’t want to focus on the negative, but it is always a good idea to make sure we look at our business and actions realistically and make sure we are always trying to improve our situations and strive for every edge of success we can get.

Here are a few areas for us to look at to help you improve;


Being a jack of all trades and trying to focus on will most often prove a huge disadvantage for you as you may sometimes try to fit in everything you know about business all at once. It is very good to be well-rounded and well educated on many topics and industries, but if you want to be perceived at being the best or expert, you will need to focus your specialty. Niche down your audience and consolidate your services to increase your value to your audience. This will also help you to get the most out of your continuing education. You will no longer have to study everything and feel overwhelmed. You can now hone your attention to only the information you need to best serve your niche and the services you offer… that should give you a sign of relief huh 🙂 

Motivation Through Application

If you are having an issue getting your clients motivated, you need to develop a processes of “stair stepping application”. What I mean by this is, you need to put a program in place where you work with your client to achieve small consecutive achievements toward the larger goal. This technique will help them to get use to having successes and will keep them motivated to continue forward. It is a great way to help build up confidence, a rhythm and a renewed desire for success. Although our motivational talks, education and insights do help to motivate our clients in the short term, this does not guarantee your client will actually put it in action over the long haul. We need to get them motivated through application for long term success.

So, the important characteristic of a great coach is to not just to motivate your client but to make them actually execute and follow through. Many coaches can give highly effective strategies but only the great ones can influence the person in such a way that they are renewed. If you can become a powerful and an effective influencer, you will be able to go beyond simply providing tactics and ace the craft of inspiring and influencing. This will guarantee you actually have an effect on your clients that makes them want to take action and achieve.  

Client is Priority

It’s not about you – It’s about them. While you coach a client, it is crucial for you to remember that you concentrate on what your client wants or needs and not vice versa. You should never put your motives ahead of your client’s. Yes, we have some needs that need to be met as well; like making a profit, feeling like we are valued, having self worth, etc. These can all be achieved if we focus on “keeping the main thing, the main thing”– helping our clients achieve their goals. Be an outstanding intuitive listener and problem solver… everything else will fall into place. You will become the superstar coach for your industry.

As you know there are many other reasons why coaches fail, but I hope that these few reasons will help you get a little clarity and insight on sharpening your own ability as a coach.

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