Trello – Free Project Management Tool For Consultants

Being a Consultant or Coach, you know how important it is to have a system in place to manage your projects and tasks.

Trello - Project and Task Management for Consultants and CoachesHowever, you want it to be a simple and easy process that can be accessed by anyone on your team whether they are in the same office as you or half way around the world. Well, this may be the best free solution you will find anywhere.

I have been working with this cloud based software for the past 9 months to see if it is a viable tool for project & task management for consultants. I fell in love with it. It is so simple, scalable and flexible.

Here is a little video that I put together to show you how to use it. Please leave comments and questions below… I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

Getting New Business Is A Small Thing For Consultants

Getting New Business Is A Small Thing For Consultants – If you commit yourself!

So you say you want new business? We all say that we want new business but a lot of us aren’t willing to do what it takes to get it. Here’s what I’m getting at. The big “Wins” that we are always looking for only happen when we buckle down and commit ourselves to doing the little things.


The true power of success lies in our willingness to do the little things consistently… day in and day out.

5 Reasons Consultants Should Blog For New Business

Do you blog for New Business or are you still making cold calls?

Stop hunting for new business the old fashioned way, become the bait to attract new business.

Norman-Wright-Jr-Blog-JokeOver the years, traditional advertising and marketing methods such as trade magazines, shows and conferences, direct marketing, press releases, catalogs, broadcast media, etc. has always been the primary source of lead generation.
Well, I’m sure you have seen your “In-Bound Lead Activity” dramatically dropped off over the years. If you are like most, you are probably scratching your head and asking your-self “why?”

How Do Consultants Get New Business?

As you know, New Business is the life blood for any Consulting firm.

So How Do Consultants Get New Business?

New BizAs you know, New Business is the life blood for any Consulting firm. The hard cold reality is that everyday you go to work, you are one day closer to loosing your largest client.

The truth of the matter is, is that a lot of consultants work off of the “feast and famine” approach to their business. They land a few great clients and then dig in their heels to make sure they do a great job for their client, but once the project / assignment is completed, they find themselves scrambling to get New Business. This is nothing to be ashamed of, we have all done it at one point or another.

How Consultants Can Create A Podcast On Your iPhone With BossJock Studio

Content creation anytime – anywhere. Consultants, create your Podcast on your iPhone with BossJock Studio

This video was part of my 90 Day Video challenge and was very popular so I thought I’d share it with you.

Ya can’t get any cooler than this… It’s easy to create a podcast on your iPhone with BossJock Studio right from the palm of your hand! Create podcasts any time – any place with this cool app. Best of all, this app was developed from a guy in my home town… PITTSBURGH!!!

“40% percent of Americans now listen to audio on digital devices, and that is projected to double by 2015″ ~Pew Research Study

So why would you want to create a podcast you might ask? As a consultant, creating your own Podcast series as part of your Inbound Marketing strategy, you will;

    • Develop a High Quality and Focused Audience
    • Position Yourself As An Expert
    • Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Clients and Potential Clients
    • Be Perceived As The Voice of Your Industry
    • Gain Respect As A Thought Leader In Your Industry

Podcasting was first known as “audioblogging” and started way back in the 1980s. Today there are more than 115,000 english-language podcasts available on the internet, and dozens of websites available for distribution at little or no cost to the producer or listener.

If you would like to know more about how to create a podcast that generates new business for your company, feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to discuss it with you.

25 Tips For Consultants To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

As you put your marketing strategy in place for your Consulting firm, you should have your blog as a central component to your social media strategy for getting new business.

It is the site that you want to bring your prospective clients to, the gateway and face of your Consulting Firm.


“Build it and they will come,” is not the answer to generate traffic to your consulting firm’s blog. You must employ proactive tactics to create awareness and interest among prospective clients. The more traffic that you can generate, from among your target audience, the more inbound new business leads will follow.

Puppy Love

My Dog, (George Bailey) will not leave me alone when I work. He feels the need to lay on me while I work. If I try to put him down, he sands on my desk right in front of my computer screen. LOL

Puppy Love

LinkedIn Marketing Tips for Consultants

As a consultant, LinkedIn should be one of your greatest marketing assets. Here are a few LinkedIn Marketing Tips for Consultants that I have outlined to help you get engaged with all of the wonderful people on LinkedIn… your prospects!

Norman-Wright-Jr-LinkedIn-IconA lot of consultants set up a LinkedIn account but many do not actually use it to its full potential.

I hope this post will give you a little more insight as to how you can use this wonderful business development tool. As with all social marketing tools, sharing valuable content consistently will help you add value to your followers.

A few steps you should take with your LinkedIn marketing program;